Fleet Managers, are you meeting your legal requirements?


According to health and safety at work legislation, you are responsible as a business for all “at work” travel.

An ‘at work’ journey covers all of the following examples that are commonly overlooked:

  • One-off journeys to meetings or training sessions;
  • Driving to conferences, events, or annual dinners;
  • Journeys outside normal working hours – at weekends etc;
  • Casual deliveries or calls made en route to the usual place of work;
  • Visits to sites that are not the employee’s usual place of work.

This applies to both the driver and the journey, it is much safer to assume that everyone and every journey is covered by the legislation than to expect exceptions.

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Dr Jim Golby, PhD Chartered Fellow CIPDPiece written by Dr Jim Golby, PhD Chartered Fellow CIPD

Director, Research & Customer Experience (UK and Europe) at Applied Driving Techniques