Fleet Managers are you turning a blind eye?


Many businesses over-look the obligations that health and safety at work legislation places upon those responsible for managing the vehicle fleet, including their hidden ‘grey’ fleet of drivers using their own vehicles.

As an employer you must be pro-active and able to demonstrate that you have minimised the risks to your drivers and the public.

So if the answer to any of the following questions is ‘No’, you should almost certainly act:

  • Does the organisation have a written policy for driving while at work?
  • Is there a process for identifying high risk drivers, and are they offered appropriate training?
  • Do all drivers have valid licences and is this documented?
  • Are drivers’ vehicles adequately insured, taxed and properly maintained? Is this documented?
  • Is safety a consideration when acquiring new vehicles?
  • Is there an induction process for new employees?
  • Is there a senior manager or director with responsibility for fleet management and does the individual understand the legal requirements?

If you need more help understanding your obligations, or simply want to protect your drivers, yourself and your business, contact us here at CompleteCare

Dr Jim Golby, PhD Chartered Fellow CIPDPiece written by Dr Jim Golby, PhD Chartered Fellow CIPD

Director, Research & Customer Experience (UK and Europe) at Applied Driving Techniques