Annual driver licence checks

The possession of a valid UK Driving Licence by your employees who drive on behalf of your business is clearly an essential pre-requisite,  for many job functions it is also an essential requirement of your offer of employment and contract.

Ideally, the checking of driving licence validity will be a key undertaking of your HR departments recruitment process. However, a visual check is only that, and provides no assurance of the holder’s actual legality to drive. This process has also been made even more unreliable by the phasing out of the paper licence counterpart in June 2015, despite this also having its own limitations, as many paper licences were out of date and therefore inaccurate.

Experience has shown us that a significant number of employees driving  licences, when checked, show that the driver has either an excessive number of penalty points, drink driving convictions that may effect insurance eligibility and in some cases actually banned from being behind the wheel.

Let Completecare take care of all of the checks your business is legally required to make on your drivers’ licence status. Completecare will make sure you are informed immediately if any of your drivers are found to have an invalid licences, or if there are any changes to your drivers’ validity to drive.

Completecare will also provide bespoke management reporting tailored to your meet specific business requirements.

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